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Working Group Chair - Professor Mohammed Shobrak

Mohammed works as an Associate Professor in the Biology Department, and Vice Dean of Academic Research at Taif University, Saudi Arabia, and as Birds Advisor for the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA). He started working in wildlife conservation with SWA after his BSc in Zoology from King Saud University, 1987.

In January of 1996 he finished his PhD thesis on the "Ecology of the lappet-faced vulture in Saudi Arabia" from Glasgow University, UK. Although he joined the academic team at Taif University in July 2007, he still has close contact with SWA, as their Birds Advisor. Mohammed has extensive experience in wildlife research and monitoring, and re-introduction of endangered species (Houbara bustard, Arabian oryx, red-necked ostrich and sand gazelle). He also represented Saudi Arabia in wildlife agreement such as CMS, CITES, AEWA, and birds of prey and owls MOUs. He has participated in the majority of the Birdlife International World and Regional meetings since 1990. In 2008 he was elected to be a member of BirdLife International Global Council (2008 to June 2013) representing the Middle East. In addition, he was nominated to chair the International Working Group for the Conservation of Bald Ibis under the African Eurasian Waterbirds agreement, and is nominated for the Raptor MoU Technical Advisory Group as an expert for the Middle East. He is also involved with the Task Force for the conservation of the Saker falcon establish under a resolution from the Convention of the Migratory Species.