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International Action Plan for the Sociable Lapwing

The International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Sociable Lapwing was adopted by the AEWA Parties in France in May 2012. The goal of the Action Plan is to restore the Sociable Lapwing to favourable condition status and remove it from the threatened categories of the IUCN Red List, CMS Annex I and Column A of the AEWA Table 1.  The objective of the Plan is to reverse the recent negative population trend leading to a population increase in the range of 8,000 – 10,000 breeding pairs by 2022.

Milestones in the production of the Plan

  • Stakeholder workshop: 30th March – 1st April 2009, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • First draft: June 2009, presented to experts
  • Stakeholder workshop: 18th – 20th March 2011, Palmyra, Syria
  • Second draft: August 2011, presented to the Range States, the CMS Scientific Council and the AEWA Technical Committee
  • Final draft: October 2011, submitted to the 10th CMS Conference of the Parties in November 2011
  • Final draft: May 2012, submitted to the AEWA Meeting of the Parties

Action Plan goals

The Action Plan sets out the following results through which these goals are to be achieved:

  • Result 1 - baseline annual survival rate identified and increased by 2022.
  • Result 2 - reproductive success is maximised through maintained nest survival rates higher than 35% (5 year rolling mean) and overall productivity higher than 0.75 fledged chicks per female (5 year rolling mean).
  • Result 3 - all key sites along the flyways are protected and adequately managed.
  • Result 4 - all identified knowledge gaps are filled by 2022.
  • Result 5 - international co-operation is maximised through the full engagement of all principal range states in the framework of the Single Species Action Plan and AEWA.

For each result the action plan sets out specific indicators, means of verification, priority and timescale in addition to specific activities needed to achieve the desired results.

Agreed principles guiding the implementation include the establishment of the AEWA Sociable Lapwing International Working Group, which regularly assesses the efficiency of conservation measures. Each range state is urged to consider supporting on-the-ground conservation measures for the species along the Sociable Lapwing flyways that traverse its territory. In addition, particular attention should be paid to mortality caused by hunting with the aim to urgently implement measures to reduce this threat.

The Action Plan is to be updated every tenyears with the next update planned for 2022. The updating process will be lead by the International Working Group.

Survey planning
Sociable Lapwing at Ceylanpinnar Sept 2009