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National Single Species Action Plans

International Single Species Action Plans adopted under AEWA provide the general conservation framework for a species on a flyway level, including the identification of main threats and the setting of goals for the conservation of populations. More detailed conservation plans are, however, often needed on a national level – particularly in key range states for the species in question.

In addition to a more detailed threat assessment and identification of key sites, National Action Plans should also set out core activities such as yearly monitoring and specify which national entity is in charge of the activity. The adoption of a National Action Plan can also help to institutionalise conservation efforts and secure government support for the species.

The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat strives to assist range states in the development of National Action Plans for priority species by offering general guidance and facilitating national action planning processes if requested.

Of the 13 principle range states for the Sociable Lapwing no countries have completed development of National Action Plans to date.  However, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have Plans under development.

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