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Current Size: 76%


Taxonomy and biogeographic populations

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Aves

Order: Charadriiformes

Family: Charadriidae

Tribus: Vanellinae

Species: Vanellus gregarius (Pallas 1771)


Synonyms: Sociable Plover

Charadrius gregarius (Pallas 1771)

Chaetusia gregaria (Agassiz 1846)

Tringa keptuschka (Lepekhin 1774)

Tringa fasciata (Gmelin 1774)

Vanellus pallidus (Heuglin 1856) (nomen nudum)

Chettusia wagleri (Gray 1871)

Chettusia gregaria (Hartert 1920)

Monotypic species. No studies have been conducted on the level of genetic variation across the distribution range, and there is no scientific evidence for distinct sub-populations. However, there are two distinct wintering areas. Birds wintering in NE Africa and on the Indian subcontinent, respectively, have been assumed to originate from different populations in the West and East of the breeding range (assuming that an implicit migratory divide exists). However, recent satellite tagging work suggests that there is exchange between populations across the breeding range, and so the existence of migratory divide seems unlikely.

Sociable Lapwing chick near Aktubek
Working in the field